Moocos Vietnam - South Korea: Bridge connecting Vietnamese agricultural products


Successful export to Korean market means Moocos Gavi has been affirmed as the No.1 brand of Gac.

Capital is a picky import market, with high standards and detailed requirements  for every product. Moocos Gac GAVI has caught the attention of Korean partners, signaling that Gac products is getting closer to Korean consumers

South Korea, a finicky but potentially lucrative market

Korea is the 3rd largest trading partner, the second largest export and fourth largest import market of Vietnam. At the “Vietnam – Korea Business and Trade Connection” program held on March 22, Vietnamese and Korean enterprises have discussed and exchanged useful information about building agricultural products brand-efficient production and distribution of goods; Meanwhile, sharing necessary and sufficient elements to meet the quality standards of trade between the two countries.

People from South Korea said that they recognized and believed many opportunities when importing agricultural products of Vietnam and expected to serve as a bridge to help Vietnamese enterprises boost export of quality products to South Korea.

Korea also made a request to attract users, besides the quality guaranteed by the standards, Vietnamese enterprises need to select products with a clear global orientation and improved design, and prioritize  production to further support promotional activities.

Gac Gavi successfully conquered the Korean market

Among more than 100 businesses in the agricultural food sector, Gac GAVI of Moocos Vietnam caught the eye of Korean purchasing partners.

In response to why GAVI Gac was chosen, Korea said that this is a unique product that meets the highest demand and also meets global orientation: traditional materials, innovative formulations, globally applicable, in the long-term interest of sustainability…

With a large plant area, Gac Gavi guarantees to keep fresh and clean from the stage of planting to finished products. GAC GAVI will continue to affirm its position as the No.1 Brand of Gac with the world-class closed production line and the “CENTER-LEVEL” standard brought by the team of dedicated experts,, proving that “Left Gac of the country 91 million people are left from Heaven, influence is not small to the World

Today is Korea, and tomorrow Gac will definitely reach out to the World.